Some Fun Smoothie Glasses

Making A Smoothie With A Blender

Blenders are the perfect tool for making smoothies. Great tasting smoothies always seem to be even more tasty if you serve them in some fun glasses.  Presentation matters, ask any cook or baker and they will agree.  You are giving yourself a treat with a smoothie, why not make it extra special by dressing it up in a really fun glass?

Smoothie Mason Drinking Jars

When I was a kid I loved spending summers on my grandparent’s farm.  I was too ignorant to understand just how hard my grandparents worked, I just remember fun with cousins and siblings.  Evenings were spent outside, eating and sipping iced tea or lemonade from Mason jars.  I never knew the jars were for canning, I always had my favorite lemonade in them at grandma’s.  These are really fun serving jars.

smoothie glassesDress Up Your Smoothie With Hurricane Glasses

Hurricane Glasses

Feeling a bit sophisticated?  Serve your latest smoothie concoction in a hurricane glass, you will immediately impress everyone.  These are very stylish glasses with a heavy bottom.  The rim is designed to hold fruit and other garnishes.

smoothie glasses

16 Ounce Glass Smoothie Bottles With Caps

For those times that you need to have a lid or cap for your smoothie glass, you will love these basic but durable and simple glass smoothie jars.  They hold 16 ounces of your favorite smoothie or juice and feature a screw on lid that makes it easy to transport your beverages anywhere.  They have a classic look and are very functional.

smoothie glassesDo You Remember Old Fashioned Milk Bottles?

Dairy Style Reusable Smoothie Milk Bottles

What a fun idea!  These milk bottle replicas are perfect for serving up smoothies or milkshakes.  They are made of glass and have metal screw lids that have on opening for a straw.  The size is not too large, it’s only 10 1/2 ounces, but it’s the perfect size for a single serving of your favorite beverage made in your blender.

smoothie glasses

Libbey Milkshake Fountain Shoppe Smoothie Glass

Libbey has recreated the classic tulip styled soda fountain milkshake glass and it works great with smoothies.  Delicate in design but well made, it holds and shows off your color smoothie.  Be a star and present your guest with a good looking drink created in your blender.

smoothie glasses

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