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Now that you have picked out the perfect blender, it’s time to pick out some perfect blender recipes. There are thousands of fun blender recipes to try, but sometimes it’s overwhelming to find a few to start with. Luckily, there are some very well written recipe books created just for blenders. They show how to make wonderful soups, outstanding smoothies, tasty malts and milkshakes and even baby food. Some blender makers have cookbooks dedicated to recipes just for their blenders, but you can use those recipes with almost any good home blender. Check out some of our favorite blender recipe books, you make be very surprised at the great recipes that can be found.

Healthy Quick And Easy Smoothies

Who knew that healthy could taste so good? Even if you aren’t drinking smoothies to lose weight or to feel better, you will love some of the recipes in this book. All of the recipes use 5 ingredients or less, there are no complicated instructions and the end result is always a delicious smoothie. The recipes are very well written and easy to follow and the photos will make you want to make a smoothie right now!

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The Ultimate Blender Cookbook

Claiming to be the ultimate anything is a pretty bold statement, you had better be ready to back it up. Lucky, the author of this great cookbook does just that and does it in a way that is fun to read and fun to try. With this recipe book you will look at uses for your blender beyond smoothies and malts. Who knew you could mix a burger in your blender? Sounds different, but it really works. There are excellent recipes for desserts, soups and entrees, all using your blender.

The author also uses some creative thinking when it comes to adding and exchanging ingredients. Designed for healthy reasons, some of the options listed will help you cut down on fat and sugar while still creating delicious meals. This is a very inventive, well written cookbook and should be on your kitchen shelf.

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Ninja Foodi Blender Cookbook For Beginners

We really liked the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender, it is one of our favorite blenders. You can read our review HERE and discover the pluses of owning this blender. Ninja has released an excellent companion recipe book, aimed at beginners to the world of blenders. Don’t be fooled by the beginners designation, cooks of all skill levels will find recipes and cooking tips that they will love and use often.

The book is divided into sections ranging from breakfast to desserts. There are frozen drink recipes, soup recipes and other tasty treats that are simple to make. The instructions are written clearly, there are no complicated formulas or techniques that you need to master. The photography is also excellent, it’s always nice to know what the meal you are preparing should actually look like. You don’t have to use the Ninja blender to make these recipes work, any good blender will do the job.

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There are hundreds of good blender recipe books available, these are three that we really like. Most blenders come with a few recipes, although these are almost always for smoothies. Don’t focus on just smoothies or frozen drinks when you are using your blender. It’s a versatile tool and you can use it to create hundreds of wonder meals, snacks and treats that your family will love.

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