Oster Pro 1200 Kitchen Blender

Oster Pro 1200 Kitchen Blender

When it comes to kitchen blenders, Oster is one of the most recognizable names. They were the first to market a home blender and for years people would say that they were going to “osterize” when they used their blenders.  Today, Oster is part of Sunbeam and they still make high quality kitchen appliances and tools. One of their top items is the Pro 1200 Kitchen Blender, a very versatile home blender that works well for blending, chopping and mixing.

Oster 1200 Pro Plus BlenderLots Of Features At A Low Price

When you are looking at blenders you want to keep it simple.  A blender is used for chopping, mixing, blending and pureeing.  That means you want to have a motor that is strong enough to handle dense fruits and vegetables and a blade system that can chop and dice just about anything.  That may sound basic but there are quite a few blenders that look great but can’t handle a lot of ingredients.

The Oster 1200 is a powerful unit with 1200 watts of power (hence the name).  What this translates to is enough juice to handle dense foods as well as the ability to chop and crush ice.  If you are a fan of smoothies or iced drinks, you want your blender to be able to crush fruits and ice easily.  This blender can do that.

Oster Blender Control Panel

The control panel is well laid out and easy to use.  You have 7 speeds to choose from, more than enough for any kitchen chore.  There are also three programmed speeds that can be used, eliminating the need to decide which speed you should be using.

The blade system is well designed and relies on a dual motion.  This forces ingredients to move up the jar, then back down into the blades, ensuring a smooth and even mix.  The action also helps when you are chopping dense fruits or vegetables that you don’t want to puree.

This blender has a 6 cup glass mixing jar with a handle and a pour spout.  6 cups is large enough to make a batch of smoothies or iced drinks without having to make multiple batches.  The glass jar, lid and individual to-go jar are all dishwasher safe, making your clean up a breeze.

Oster Blender To-Go CupBlend Your Smoothie Right In The Cup

One of the really nice features of this blender system is the 24 ounce to-go cup with lid.  This set up allows you to make an individual sized drink right in the cup.  Just add your ingredients into the to-go cup, snap on the blade coupling and blend.  You can make a single serve smoothie right in the cup, all set for you to enjoy without having to make a mess with the large mixing jar.

This is a very well made home blender and we recommend it highly.  Oster and Sunbeam are very well respected names when it comes to kitchen appliances and tools and this blender continues that tradition.  It’s prices well, usually under $70, and will last a long time, even with heavy use.  If you are looking for a well priced, well made blender, you should look at the Oster Pro 1200.  It’s a great kitchen tool to have.

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