Hamilton Beach Power Elite Kitchen Blender

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Kitchen Blender

Hamilton Beach has been making high quality small kitchen appliances for almost 100 years. This blender is one of their best items, combining a powerful blender with a handy food processor attachment. Now you don’t need to have two specific, and space taking, appliances. You can combine both a blender and a food processor in just one unit.

First Part-It’s A Blender

Make no mistake, this is a blender at heart. The base is a blender base, square and with a small footprint. Is it a good blender? Yes! Even if you never use the food chopper option (the mini food processor), you will end up with a very good blender.

The motor is very powerful, 700 watts of power. Why does that matter? You want your blender to be strong enough to power the blades through the densest ingredients, especially ice. Your blender was purchased to help you avoid tasks like crushing ice, chopping vegetables and trying to mix and blend foods. If the motor is too small, the blender won’t be able to do the jobs requested and you will end up doing them by hand.

The powerful motor benefits by having 12 different blending options. The well designed control panel only needs 5 buttons to achieve all 12 speeds, you will find this a very basic blender to use. While you may never need to use all 12 speeds, it’s really nice to know that they are there and ready for you if you need them.

Hamilton Beach calls their blade set up Wave Action. The idea is to have the blades work in tandem to pull ingredients down in the center, towards the blades, then force them up the sides of the mixing jar. This process goes on until you stop blending and it helps to ensure that everything is mixed thoroughly and smoothly. Again, having the 700 watt motor to power these blades makes a huge difference in the performance.

The mixing jar is a very good sized 40 ounces, large enough for almost any recipe that you may be following. It’s made from BPA free glass, has a sturdy handle and features convenient measuring markings on the side. The lid is solid plastic with a hinged cap, making it simple to add ingredients. The pour spout is well made and drip proof.

Second Part-A Food Processor

In reality, the attachment for food processing is more of a food chopper, but it is still a wonderful feature to have. While you won’t be able to knead dough like you could with a full sized food processor, you can chop and grate fruits, vegetables and cheeses with ease. The three cup mixing bowl is large enough to chop an onion with room to spare. The processing attachment snaps into the bowl and then onto the unit with ease, you can swap out bowls and attachments in no time.

You will love how easy the clean up with this blender is. Both mixing jars and all of the blades can be removed easily and tossed into the dishwasher. The base itself is durable stainless steel and can be cleaned with a damp rag. Unlike some small appliances, there are no tricky spots that collect food and bacteria and are difficult to clean.

Should you buy this blender? As a blender, this is a really good value and the value is increased with the added food chopper. By itself, the blender is powerful, well made and with plenty of speeds for different types of blending. The food chopper is nice and gives you a few more options, but it is not much of a food processor. If you are planning on cooking recipes that require a strong food processor, you may be disappointed by this unit. Still, this blender usually retails around $40, making it a very good value.

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