Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor-A Great Value!

Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Food Processor

Have high prices stopped you from buying a food processor? That happens a lot, some food processors can cost more than $200. While the more expensive food processors may well be worth the price, you can get a good quality appliance for for less than that. Hamilton Beach is one of the most respected names in kitchen appliances and they have a 10 cup food processor that usually retails for less than $45. Is it any good, can you really get a decent food processor for that low price? Surprisingly, you can. We tested quite a few food processors and this inexpensive model did a very good job with most of the tasks that we asked it to do.

A Good Food Processor Needs A Good Sized Motor

Any kitchen appliance that is under powered will lead to problems. The goal of any appliance is to make certain tasks easier, such as chopping vegetables or slicing foods. If the motor isn’t powerful enough to force the blades through dense foods, you might as well do the job by hand. Hamilton Beach uses a good sized 450 watt motor for its 10 cup food processor, plenty of power for almost all tasks. You won’t be able to knead bread dough (a kneading hook is not included anyway) but you will be able to chop, slice and puree the toughest fruits and vegetables.

The S-blade that is used for chopping is well designed and fits snugly into the base. The slicing disc is quite creative, it is a two sided tool. One side of for slicing, the other side is for shredding. Being reversible means that you don’t have extra attachments floating around, one disc is all that you need.

A Large 10 Cup Mixing Bowl

Like undersized motors, undersized mixing bowls can drive cooks nuts. Your favorite recipe may call for a certain amount of ingredients to be pureed and you discover that the mixing bowl on your processor is too small. That won’t happen with this unit, the 10 cup mixing bowl is large enough for any recipe. The attached handle is sturdy and helps you to snap the bowl into place before processing. When you are done, the whole set up of bowl, lid, chute and blades can go right into the dishwasher.

Hamilton Beach uses a unique system called a bowl scraper to help move ingredients around and to help you avoid having to scrape down the sides of the bowl. It’s easy to use, very well designed and a great idea. You may be surprised that something this simple can be so convenient to use.

Clean up is very easy, almost everything can go right into the dishwasher. Like most food processors, there are two section. The bottom section, the base, houses the motor and the power source. This is stainless steel and heavy plastic and can be wiped down with a clean, damp dish towel. The top section, where all of the mixing and chopping takes place, will consist of the bowl, blades, disc, scraper, chute and lid. These are made from heavy plastic and stainless steel and can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning. No hand washing required!

Should you buy this food processor? From a budget standpoint, this is a very good small kitchen appliance. Even though it costs less than $45, this processor can do 90% of the tasks that an expensive, full feature food processor can do. If you are just looking to slice and shred foods, maybe mix and puree other foods, this is a very good purchase. If, however, you are looking to crush ice, knead bread, grind nuts and spices or other more detailed tasks, you won’t be too happy with this unit. It does basic very well, it can do complicated.

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