Can You Get A Good Blender For Under $25?

Black And Decker 6 Cup 10 Speed Blender

Is it possible to get a good kitchen blender for less than $25? Some blenders can cost more than $150, making them too expensive for some. Sure, the expensive blenders have a ton of attachments, lots of speeds to choose from and are designed to possibly mix concrete. However, if you are looking for a basic blender, maybe to whip up some smoothies or make some homemade soup, you won’t want or need to spend $150. We looked around to see if we could find a good kitchen blender that can easily handle basic tasks and still be priced at less than $25. Amazingly, we found just such an appliance, the Black And Decker 10 speed countertop blender.

Black And Decker Quality At A Great Price

Black and Decker have been manufacturing high quality kitchen appliances for over 110 years. Their name is recognized by consumers everywhere and they specialize in quality items at affordable prices. This home kitchen blender is no exception. It is well made, does a very good job at basic blending chores and is priced at less than $25. That’s a great combination for anyone looking for an inexpensive small kitchen appliance.

A Good Kitchen Blender Needs A Good Motor

You will ask your blender to do some pretty tough chores and this means that your blender needs a good motor. Not just a large motor but a reliable one as well. This unit has a sturdy 550 watt motor, as large as the motors found on more expensive blenders. The continuous motor speed is rated at 350 watts, still a powerful motor for most kitchen tasks.

The motor is controlled by an easy to use panel and offers 10 speeds. Even some high priced blenders only offer 5 speeds, having 10 speeds is a great option. There is a separate pulse button, which means that you actually have 11 speeds to use. The control panel is well laid out and you don’t have to figure out any programming. Just press a button and the blender goes to work.

Size matters when it comes to the mixer jar and Black and Decker has used a good sized 6 cup mixing jar with this unit. Made from heavy duty glass, the jar had a sturdy handle, measurement markings on the side and can go right into the dishwasher for cleaning. The drip proof lid works well and also can go into the dishwasher when you are done blending.

Obviously we are talking about this blender because of the price. The question will still be-should you buy this blender? If you use a blender often and need to crush ice or dense fruits, you probably should look at a bigger and stronger blender. For heavier blending and mixing chores, this unit may struggle. However, if you want an inexpensive blender that can whip up a smoothie, mix a sauce or a milkshake, this is a good home kitchen blender to look at. For less than $25 it offers a decent sized motor, a good sized mixing jar and will blend ice cream and smoothie ingredients easily.


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