Cuisinsart 14 Cup Food Processor

Cuisinsart 14 Cup Food Processor

Serious chefs want a serious food processor, and the Cuisinart 14 cup processor fits that description. It is one of the top food processors on the market and has been a best seller on Amazon for years.  There are good reasons for this type of success.  Cuisinart is known for making high quality kitchen appliances and tools, and that reputation is continued with this unit.

Using A Cuisinart Food Processor

A Workhorse Of A Food Processor

Food processors have to be tough and powerful.  You will be asking a lot of this appliance, and small motors, bad blades and cheap mixing bowls just won’t cut it.  Your food processor will be expected to easily slice foods, chop and blend ingredients and even knead bread dough.  That can’t be done by an under powered appliance.

Let’s start with the motor, the engine that will drive the rest of the machine.  Cuisinart uses a 750 watt motor, one of the largest motors you will find.  It’s amazingly powerful, yet not as noisy as you might expect.  Food processors, like blenders, tend to make noise but this unit isn’t nearly as loud as some others we have tried.

Like just about every other processor in the world, there are basic speed setting for you to use.  There is on, which is self explanatory.  You also have a pulse button, a nice flat button that allows you to push and pulse as you need.  While blenders will have up to 14 speeds, food processors operate on a different formula.  The blades will turn as long as you press pulse or leave the unit on.

Stainless Steel Cuisinart Food Processor

A Large 14 Cup Mixing Bowl

Experienced chefs will tell you that they hate small mixing bowls on stand mixers, blenders and food processors.  If you want a small bowl, use a mini processor.  Some recipes are going to have more ingredients than you can fit in a small bowl, doubling your work.  This unit has a big 14 cup bowl with a handle that’s easy to grip.

The feeder chute and the lid snap on easily and securely.  All of the pieces are BPA free and can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.  A slicing disc, a shredding disk and a chopping blade are included.  These three attachments will perform just about any task that you will be asking your processor to do.  Like the mixing bowl, the cutting attachments can go into the dishwasher.  This is a very easy to clean unit.

Food processors can retail at prices starting around $70 all the way up to $350 and more.  Usually you can find this Cuisinart being sold for around $260.  That’s towards the high end of the scale, but well worth the money.  The unit is very well made and sturdy, it will take years of use.  Cuisinart is known for high quality goods and this is a very high quality food processor.

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