Breville Fresh And Furious Countertop Blender

Breville is well known for creating powerful, high quality kitchen appliances and this blender is just that. This great appliance is one of the best blenders around and one of our top rated small kitchen appliances. Powerful, well built and smartly designed, this blender is one of the better high-end small appliances that we tested and liked.

A Blender Has To Blend, That Seems Basic, Right?

Low-end blenders don’t always do a very good job of actually blending or mixing. Under powered blenders struggle to crush ice or chop through dense foods like pineapple. Too often the blade system on low-end blenders is just one blade that is flat. This set up works fine for blending sauces or juices, but won’t work very well when you really need to blend and chop ingredients. If your recipe calls for a lot of blending, you want a blender that will get the job done.

That’s why we like this Breville blender so much. The motor is very powerful and it works with a well designed blade system. There are actually four blades in use and Breville calls their system Kinetix. Four blades means that ingredients are constantly moving up and down the mixing bowl, into the blades and then back up again. You end up with a smoothly blended drink, smoothie or sauce with no unwanted chunks. It also does a wonderful job of crushing ice, turning it into snow if that is your goal. Under powered blenders can’t do that and if you are making crushed ice drinks, you end up with a lot of large chunks.

A Large Mixing Bowl

Small blenders have small mixing bowls, it’s a common problem. Small is fine if you are making a single smoothie or are using a recipe that only calls for a few ingredients in small quantities. However, you want to be able to make a full batch of smoothies or iced drinks when you are entertaining, and for that you need a large bowl. Luckily Breville uses a 50 ounce mixing bowl with the Fresh and Furious blender. It’s BPA free, has a sturdy handle and can go right into the dishwasher for easy clean up.

The bowl is topped with a unique lid. Spill proof and easy to clean, the lid has an interesting O-ring pull tab that makes it easy to remove the lid. It fits tightly and, like the mixing bowl, can go into the dishwasher for cleaning.

Blenders should have a nice assortment of speed and mixing options, and the Breville’s assortment is just about perfect. There are 10 speed and pulse options and they are accessed by a simple control panel. The LCD display shows you exactly what is being done and will guide you through any processes that you many need. There are some handy pre-programmed options but it is very easy to use the control panel without any programming skills.

The base is stainless steel and very easy to clean. The blade casing comes off quickly so that you can clean the blades under a kitchen tap. Also included with this blender is a nice recipe booklet. While there are no gourmet preparations, there are some fun drink and smoothie ideas that may become family favorites.

Should you buy this blender? If you make a lot of smoothies, malts and iced drinks then you should buy this blender. It’s rugged, powerful, durable and really well made. It is also expensive and if you use a blender only a few times per year, you might want to save some money. It’s a quality small kitchen appliance, but you do pay for that quality.


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