3 Good Smoothie Recipe Books

Making Smoothies

Using your blender to make smoothies can be a lot of fun. There’s no need to spend $10 for smoothie, you can make delicious drinks at home with a blender. As long as your blender has a powerful motor, your options for making smoothies will be limited only by your imagination! Love pineapple? Grab some fresh or canned, add a few other ingredients and soon you are feeling the tropics with a pineapple smoothie. Did you find fresh strawberries at the Farmer’s Market? You blender will help you make wonderful strawberry smoothies in a few minutes.

Your starting point when you are making a smoothie is a good recipe. Sure, you can wing it and just toss some ingredients into the blender jar. It’s hard to go too wrong with fruit, ice, yogurt, honey and other common smoothie ingredients. They are great tasting by themselves, but you do need to have some idea of proper amounts and what you actually want the smoothie to taste like. That’s where a recipe comes in. Even the most experienced cook or baker will refer to a recipe, it’s the roadmap for successful kitchen results. There are a lot of recipes and cookbooks available geared towards a blender, but these three recipe books are dedicated to making the best smoothies at home. Enjoy!

5 Ingredient Smoothie Recipe Book

One of the benefits of making smoothies, besides the great taste, is the helpful nutrients and vitamins that you can add to your diet. Even if you aren’t intentionally using smoothies and juices for better health, you will be adding some beneficial ingredients to your diet by drinking smoothies.

We like this recipe book because the smoothies are delicious and the health benefits are noted without being preachy. Yes, you are adding nutrients and vitamins to your system with these smoothies, but most importantly the smoothies taste really good! There are 100 recipes in this book and the variety is excellent. No unusual ingredients are used, meaning that you don’t have to spend time searching for exotic items to add. There is a nice balance of fruits used to create some fun tastes, all while being very healthy!

Smoothie Recipes

The Smoothie Recipe Book

150 recipes seems like a lot of recipes and we were worried about repetition. Surprisingly, this author was able to create 150 bery different smoothie drinks with some very good results.

The book is divided up into sections that are aimed at a specific result. If you are drinking smoothies and juices for weight loss, you will find a section dedicated to that. Making smoothies to improve your overall health? There is a section just for that purpose. Of course, if you are making smoothies just to have fun drinking them, there is a section for that. Each recipe is well written, easy to follow and with a few helpful tips thrown in to make your experience a bit easier. Most importantly, the results are delicious. No one wants to drink a smoothie that tastes like liquid grass just to gain a few nutrients. The recipes in this book will help you get those nutrients while enjoying a tasty smoothie at the same time.

Smoothie Recipes

The Best 100 Smoothies For Kids

Every parent worries about how much sugar their children are eating everyday. Sugar can be a sneaky additive to favorite foods and kids can find themselves suffering from sugar related health problems at a young age. Luckily there are tools to help parents cut down on unwanted sugar in their children’s diet and this smoothie recipe book is one of those helpful tools.

Kid’s love smoothies. They are sweet, cold and fun to drink. However, they can contain a lot of unnecessary sugar and parents are looking for ways to avoid that problem. This recipe book has 100 recipes aimed at kids that have little or no sugar added and still taste great. Smoothies are excellent vehicles for adding vitamins and nutrients into a child’s diet but if they taste bad, your child won’t drink it. These smoothies are healthy, low in sugar and taste great. Parents everywhere can feel comfortable making these smoothies for their children and know that they are not adding sugar to their diets.

Smoothie Recipes

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